Saturday, 29 August 2009


An amoeba,as suggested by its near shapelesness,amoeboids being "unicellular life-forms characterised by irregularity of shape" ?A topological form,topology being the mathematical field that studies spatial properties that remain invariant even when the shape of the form changes?The plasticity of the human mind,as suggested by the empty space at the centre of a shaped exterior?The void between the celestial bodies,evoked by the empty space that holds together the external mass as the gravitational forces operating in the distance across celestial bodies, causes them to maintain orbits in relation to each other? A virus,as depicted by its amorphous shape? A meme, a cultural form that propagates widely across culture,as suggested by the plasticity of the shape, suggesting the capacity for diffusion and contextual adaptability of cultural forms?

As suggested by the hole at the centre of the shape around which flows the amorphous mass,could it represent the empty spaces that contain very few or no galaxies,existing between filaments,the largest scale structures in the universe which act as boundaries of gravitationally bound galaxies?The bending of light by gravity,and a hypothetical shaping of gravity by light,as indicated by the manner in which the hole at the centre and its surrounding shape seem to configure each other?

Could it be a visual restatement of Susanne Wenger's question in relation to the Yoruba Orisa Iya Mopo, whom she describes as both pot and potter,patroness of women's activities,including their erotic vocations of conception and child birth: "Which comes first,the pot or the hole inside it?",the empty space within the form or the form surrounding the empty space?

A black/white hole,a yet to be discovered astronomical phenomenon,which replicates in the observed form in deep space the internal configuration of the observing mind,thereby indicating the symbiotic configuration of mind and cosmos?

In the light of the previous suggestions,could it be seen as a response to Nnedi Okorafor's "Is Africa Ready for Science-Fiction?"

Is its significance limited by how it is described at its source or can it mean something else,perhaps one or even all of the suggestions presented above?

If you click on the links in the mail they will take you on a survey through biology,astronomy,mathemat
ics,physics,philosophy and psychology,all courtesy of this intriguing shape.

Copy and paste this shape onto a Word document and rotate it it 180 degrees and see what happens.

Anybody who can identify what this is should give themselves a prize.

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